An illustration showing the members of the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition.

How it Works: Can You Laser Scan a Heritage Site at Risk?

Click on the Options button and select Play! In order to visualize how laser scanning works, your mission is to scan a series of geometric shapes (buildings) on a grid. You will be using a long-range scanner with coverage of about 100m to complete your survey. Each level in the game has an assigned number of scanner locations, and a different grouping of geometric shapes for you to scan. For example, level one contains a single rectangle that you must capture using only two positions on the grid.

  1. For each level, begin by examining the locations of each geometric shape on the grid.

  2. Working within the permitted number of scanning setups, choose the most appropriate position for each scan on the grid.

  3. Click the “scan” button. Did you successfully capture all sides of each geometric shape? If you did, congratulations! You now move to the next level. If not, then keep trying!